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Speakers at the housebuilding and management forum 2024

Richard Le Sueur

Richard Le Sueur
Director | The International WELL Building Institute

'WELL for Residential'

An overview on the WELL for Residential Program which is currently in Pilot phase.
The WELL for residential program is an opportunity for architects, builders, developers and operators to transform the way homes are designed, built and maintained to support health and well-being.
From addressing air and water quality to selecting safer materials, the program includes more than 100 impactful strategies that are applicable for new and existing residences in a multifamily building or a community of single-family homes. WELL for residential is currently open for pilot enrollment.
James Garner BSc (Hons), FRICS, RITTECH, AMBCS

James Garner BSc (Hons), FRICS, RITTECH, AMBCS
Digital Operations Director | Gleeds

'AI and Your Views Regarding How AI can Vastly Impact the Delivery of our Housing Stock and Help to Keep Abreast of the Housing Shortages'

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the housing sector presents a transformative opportunity to address the critical challenge of housing shortages. By leveraging AI, we can streamline project delivery, enhance decision-making processes, and optimise resource allocation. AI technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning can forecast housing demands, identify optimal construction sites, and improve supply chain efficiencies. This not only accelerates the pace of housing development but also ensures that projects are aligned with future needs. Embracing AI in our approach to housing stock delivery can significantly mitigate shortages, offering a smarter, more efficient pathway to meet the growing demand.
Tassos Kougionis

Tassos Kougionis
Director – ESG | McBains

'Exploration of Strategies for Integrating Sustainability Principles into the Entire Lifecycle of Housing Projects, From Planning and Design to Construction and Operation'

This presentation will discuss how sustainability principles can be integrated into housing projects across the UK including the significance of placemaking and community development right from the planning stages. It will cover how sustainability is perceived and the wide array of areas it can cover, including concepts like circularity and locality. Discussions will also touch upon the role of technology in promoting sustainable living, addressing issues such as fuel poverty and energy performance. Emerging standards will be highlighted alongside a consideration of costs.

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